Things You Didn’t Know About Disney

The world of Disney was designed for our beloved families all over the world, to enjoy endless fun. There is so many activities to embark upon, that you will not be able to see everything in a single visit, because it beckons you to return. It’s a family oriented theme park, and the most visited fun-filled spot to enjoy since 1955.

Disney also has resorts all over the world, which are awaiting to be discovered. It’s a place to enjoy rides, water activities and enjoy animal life. It’s a theme parks like: Walt Disney World and Disneyland. There is also the Disney Cruise Line. You can also enjoy shopping, videos, movies and more.

Disney is also a place with many hidden secrets, where things take place that you didn’t know. Let’s discuss some of them:

* There is a single basketball court, used for employees at the top of Disney Land
first roller coaster.

* There is an actual jail cell, which holds unruly guest or thieves until the
police is notified and come to pick them up. It’s a secret that you will
never know take place.

* When Disney first opened, it cost $3.50 to for admission, compared to what
is paid these days. Tickets are $99.00 for children and $105.00 for adults.

* There are tunnels underground at Disney, for employees to go back and forth
throughout the park. It’s an exclusive underground city, that has employees
making the magic and excitement take place at the fascinating parks.

* Many people who miss a dining reservation, will still be charged on their
credit card. It is suggested that you honor your dining commitment and show
up for dinner, to avoid any cost.

* Splash Mountain is a place where photographs snap a picture of individuals,
as they fall. It’s a photograph to capture an unexpected moment in time. It’s
a classic faction of Disney’s activities.

* When Disney parks close at night, cats begin to roam around all over the place.
In order to have pest control, the cats and kittens are taken to a nearby

* Disneyland has a VIP club, which has 500 members. It’s the only place at
the park where alcohol is served. It’s a lounge where many celebrities join,
and it’s so exclusive that memberships are very expensive.

* Many of the castles and Disney props, which looks large, are actually small.
They are designed to look large, but they are made small. There are also
some gas lamps on Main Street, which came from a junk shop in Baltimore,

* There is an apartment at Disneyland at the Fire Department 105, where Walt
Disney and his family used to stay, to watch the park and where he would
oversee many of the projects, which took place.

* Walt Disney never graduated from high school. It does not seem like it’s true
that he dropped out of high school to join the Army, but he was 16 years old,
and was rejected; because of his age. Even though he did not serve in the
U. S. Army, he became an ambulance driver for the Red Cross.

* Disney stocks has risen within the last decade. The returns from the Dow
Jones of 236.1% is amazing. It has tripled in digits, and it still remains
a prosperous company. After the recession of 2008, it has gained profits,
and still continue to grow.

* Disney has Interactive, which focuses on online media and videos. It has made
over 16 million dollars, and now a video game named Disney Infinity is
a huge part of the game world’s success. Disney has a popular Skylander series
that is very popular.

* The famous mouse name Mickey, who is the reason that many kids love to go to
Disney, was once called “Mortimer Mouse,” but Walt Disney’s wife convinced
him to change the name, for marketing reasons.

When people visit Disney parks, they are fascinated by the thrills and the endless activities to enjoy. They look forward to seeing Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, and many of the other Disney character’s that make them laugh. It’s a time to play all day long.

Disney has created a legacy and many experiences, to make memories, and keep people coming back. It’s addictive, and a place to yearn for more fun. There is Walt Disney World in Florida, Disneyland in California, Hong Kong Disney, Disneyland Paris, Disney Tokyo, and many resorts all over the world.

The late Walt Disney was a visionary. He created a place to make all your dreams come true. It’s a magical and exciting place to explore and discover entertainment, rides, food, and endless fun. When you visit Disney, it beckons you to return. When you enter the world of Disney, you will never forget that you came to a place where each step that you take makes you happy and smile.